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Tiger Tales – Olivia Mithell

Published 24 February 2019

Congratulations to Olivia Mitchell in making her AWL debut today. Olivia had a really strong game - she formed a great partnership with @alice_emily down the right hand side. Coach Bower believes this was the first swim in what will be a long AWL career. Well done Olivia!

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  • Marin Lazic #12
  • Connor Martin #4
  • Sam Hughes #4

Published 20 February 2019

Sam was a member of the successful Australian Country team at the Princess Chulabhorn Cup and is a member of the current AWL squad. 

Former Kiwi international Marin joined Balmain as a junior. As a player he was a self appointed ‘designated shooter’. This weekend he has a foot in both camps as he is the Drummoyne Men’s strength and conditioning coach and also does work with the Balmain Women’s side. 

Connor is a long time Club Captain and stalwart of Balmain’s AWL team. Connor plays every game with a lot of passion and will certainly be up for the game this weekend against the Red 👿 

Battle of the Bridges Sunday - games start at 1pm

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From the Vault - The 2008 Men’s First Grade Champions

Published 11 February 2019

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Tiger Tales - Team America

  • Juliet Moss
  • Katie Dudley
  • Caroline Anderson

Published 8 February 2019

Balmain has had amazing American’s wear the Tiger Stripes, but none have had the impact in and out of the water that JuJu and Seppo #1 have had on the Club. 

Kduds, Caro and Weenie had great AWL debuts in Round One and we can’t wait to watch them throughout the season!

Good luck this weekend against @hunterhurricanes 

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