12s Carnival


UTS Balmain Water Polo Club 12s and Under Carnival


The UTS Balmain Water Polo Club (BWPC) 12s and Under Carnival is on again - from Thursday 28 December - Saturday, 30 December 2023

This is one of the most popular and fun 12s Water Polo Carnivals run in Australia and is held at the iconic Dawn Fraser Baths, Balmain. Last time at Dawny, we had over 33 teams.


  • Thursday, 28 December - Saturday, 30 December 2023
  • From 8:30am each day


  • Dawn Fraser Baths,
    Elkington Park (Fitzroy Avenue) Balmain

Who can play?

  • Children born 2011 to born 2016. No water polo experience needed! (we will grade you)
  • Groups/Clubs/Schools/Associations can enter a team (or multiple teams)
    • Teams can have 8-10 players.
    • There can be boys, girls or mixed teams.
  • Individuals can enter and will be placed in a Barbarian or Harlequin team.
    • UTS BWPC will provide coaches for the Barbarian and Harlequin teams.
    • All individual players not registered with a Club will be registered with WPNSW through UTS BWPC as a Flippa Ball Player - part of their registration fee.

How are teams set up?

  • Teams will be placed in divisions dependent on gender, age and experience.
    • Generally a boys, a girls and a mixed and younger division. (Younger teams - Pandora Division)
  • Divisions will be decided by committee after the registration closing date.
  • Teams will play round robin games and finals.
    • Each team will play a minimum of 7 games.
  • Results and notifications will be available through the UTS BWPC 12s Carnival Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/utsbalmain12s/

Junior Referee Mentor Program:

  • For the older kids (Born 2010 and earlier), there is also an opportunity to learn the skills of refereeing and table official
  • Supported by Water Polo NSW Referees Association
  • Referees registration: $95 early bird or $110 after 15 November 2023
  • Includes a tournament Officials’ t-shirt .
  • https://www.balmainwaterpolo.com.au/eventsregister/204858/


  • There will be talks for competitors and their parents – by leading Sports physios, exercise physiologists, nutritionists and motivation speakers.
    Optional skills clinics run by Australian Waterpolo League players will be offered on Friday
  • Each child will receive an online participation certificate.
  • The Draw will be available for download on the website and Facebook page after 20 December


  • Team Entry 
    • $640 early bird discount (by 15 November 2023)
    • $740 (after 15 November and by 26 November 2023)
  • Individuals wishing to be placed in a Barbarian/Harlequin team
    • $125 early bird discount (by 15 November 2023)
    • $145 (after 15 November and by 25 November 2023)
  • Junior Referee Mentor Program
    • $95 includes a t-shirt - early bird discount (15 November 2023)
    • $110 (after 15 November and by 25 November 2023)
    • Please note - there are limited spaces in the Referee program. Registrations will close when capacity is reached

Entry Costs Cover:

  • Pool entry for all 3 days for players & 1 official to Dawn Fraser Baths
  • Referees & table officials

  • Access to workshops for players & parents

  • Program to download available online

  • Participation certificate

Register Online:

There is a cap on total numbers. Make sure your club does not miss out. Register early and take advantage of early bird registration discounts until 15 November 2023.

Early Bird Registration closes (automatically) at midnight on 15 November 2023

Registrations close 25 November 2023 unless limits are reached earlier.


  • You can pay by credit card at registration. 
  • You can pay by EFT and instructions for this are clearly stated at registration and on the generated invoice. 
  • Payment must be made by the registration deadline. To be clear, registration is not complete until payment has been made.
  • Priority will be given to teams by order of registration and payment.


  • Carnival Souvenir T-shirts
  • Referee whistles
  • Referee cards
  • Size 3 and 4 balls

12s Carnival Online Store > 


  • 15 November - Early Bird Registration discount ends – $640 per team and $125 per individual

  • 25 November - Team /Individual Registration deadline - $740 per team and $145 per individual

  • 30 November 2023 - Team Lists due (we will email a team template spreadsheet for you to complete)

  • 20 December 2023 - draw will be available online and on Facebook

  • 28 - 30 December 2023 - Balmain Water Polo Club 12s Carnival


Short version:

  • Playing field 20 metres length
  • Size 3 ball
  • 8-10 nominated players per team - 6 playing at any one time. Rotating goalkeeper. (Minimum of 8 players)

  • Shot clock - 35 second possession time

  • Exclusions - swim to exclusion zone then return to play

  • No shot at goals from behind halfway

  • No shots at goal from a free throw

Updated and more comprehensive version from the :

  • Water Polo NSW rules with the following modifications...
  • Pool length 20m – 2 fields to be used
  • 6 players in the water – one goalie and 5 field players
  • Ball size 3 used
  • Maximum 10 players to be used per game, Minimum of 8. In the case of insufficient players, additional players will be allocated by the Carnival director.
  • No player to play for 2 teams unless under the direction of Carnival director.
  • Players and/or teams may be regraded at the discretion of the Carnival director
  • Any changes to players, cap numbers etc must be lodged with Control before games
  • 35 second shot clock
  • No 5 metre penalties
  • No goals scored from free throws or from the defending half.
  • Exclusion - move to allocated corner, touch marker & return to play
  • Round games to be 7 minute halves with 2 minute break between 1st & 2nd halves.
  • 4 minutes between games. Teams do not change ends at the end of halves. Referees do.
  • Grand Finals to be 4 minute quarters with 1 minute break between 1st & 2nd Quarter and 3rd & 4th Quarter. 2 minute break at half time. 5 minutes break between games. Teams change ends at half time.
  • Teams must be ready to start at allocated time. Both pools start simultaneously.
  • Players must use the same number cap as in program for whole carnival i.e 2 -11.
  • Goal keeper must be rotated. Goalkeeper’s Field cap number must be recorded on score card.
  • First team mentioned on draw to wear white/light caps and start at pontoon/deck end of field.
  • Teams to provide their own caps.
  • All balls must be returned to crate at the conclusion of the game
  • Each Team must nominate a MVP for opposition at conclusion of each game. 3 points & 1 point. Record under the opposing team list.
  • All teams to play minimum of 7 games
  • Carnival Officials will be in officials’ shirts
  • The referee is always RIGHT !!!!


Sun Safety:

  • Pool is outdoor, sea water
  • Shade is available
  • Teams are encouraged to bring team 3 x 3m shades
  • Unlimited sunscreen
  • Water available

First Aid:

  • Trained first aid staff at Dawny

Food and Catering:

  • Breakfasts (bacon & egg rolls, fruit salad)
  • Healthy lunch - chicken wraps, sausage sandwiches, sushi
  • Snacks - homemade cakes slices etc, fruit juice ice blocks etc (and some fun food too – lollies !!)
  • Pool kiosk also open offering coffee, cold drinks, slushees, hot chips, ice cream
  • Coffee Cart - espresso coffee


The sponsors for the 2024 12s Carnival are:


Referees program & Prizes

Our in-kind supporters for 2024 include

  • Balmain Sports Medicine - workshops
  • The Trophy Store - Awards
  • Inner West Council - Dawn Fraser Baths

(FULL PROGRAM & DETAILS >>>https://sites.google.com/balmainwaterpolo.com.au/12scarnival2024/home WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM 20 DECEMBER)



Please join with us and enjoy the experience.



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